Samskritam Transliteration

Samlekhanam is an online transliterator. All modern Indian scripts are supported. Samlekhanam supports the full ITRANS standard for Sanskrit and Devanagari. To start transliterating scroll down. To find out more on how to use this tool scroll down. Start Transliterating Now! 🕉️ 👇

Here's how you start ......

Enter your email (It can be a fake email) to save because when you come back to the website your work will be saved.

ITRANS to Devanagari is set to default.

ITRANS - is a Roman script that converts Devanagari script to English for example; रामः is written as rAmaH.

IAST- is also a Roman script. For example the word रामः is written as rāmaḥ.

Note: You can change the language to any other language and/or Roman script to a different script using the dropdown menu.

Once you are done typing, press the enter key or space bar to transliterate. If you click the swap button, the left and right sides are switched.